The Messengers

Lisa is a high-spirited, down-to-earth gal. She is delightful and witty and has a devotion to her Heavenly Father and to her family. She is a proud mother of three and has dedicated these past five years to staying at home, enjoying motherhood. Before her life was filled with “tiny” blessings, she attended the University of Montevallo and received her degree in Marketing. She started her own interior decorating business where she enjoyed “making-up” residential homes over a span of 5 years. The proudest moment in her life was when she was introduced to her husband of ten years, Patrick. They were the perfect match!

Patrick is a child at heart and a sports-fanatic. He is a charismatic, God-fearing man. With his trusting spirit and innovative imagination, he and Lisa make a great duo. He has a crazy love for Christ and a huge desire to share Christ’s love with others. He also graduated from the University of Montevallo with a bachelor’s degree in Biology. He has been a faithful employee for a major pharmaceutical company for over ten years.

Patrick and Lisa are both willing to serve in areas where God has blessed them. Lisa is involved in the women’s and children’s ministry, the music ministry and also served as an instructor in health and wellness classes. Patrick has a passion for teaching. He has interned as a youth minister and has taught classes and bible studies for children, youth, and adults. Their ultimate goal is to glorify Christ in everything they do and to raise their family in the ways of the Lord. Together, Patrick and Lisa hope The Christmas Angel touches your family the way it has theirs the past couple of years.

Jennifer is best characterized as a fun-loving, imaginative soul. She is overjoyed to be a part of the creative team of The Christmas Angel. She generates an animated energy, and offers a unique approach to life. She is full of love, because she is full of Jesus. Her heart’s desire is to glorify Christ in all she does. She has always had a passion for the Fine Arts: music, dance, drama, poetry, and creative writing. Her dream is to use her God-given gifts for His purpose. Jennifer is a graduate from The University of Montevallo, with a Bachelor’s degree in Performing Arts and Music. With her dedication to music and song writing, she was able to produce her debut CD, two years ago. She recently got married to the love of her life, Bryan, and she believes God truly blessed them with a fairy-tale romance. They are members of the Westwood Baptist Church in Alabaster, AL. There, Jennifer is involved in Westwood’s praise team and choir, the women and children’s ministry, the drama program, and the missions ministry. Her goal in life is to spread contagious joy, and let Christ’s love brilliantly shine through her! Christ inspires her to express herself, through the writing of her music, poems, and now story books for children. Her prayer is that when you read this story to your children, you will catch a glimpse of God’s amazing love, showering your family with many blessings.

Jennifer also appears as the Christmas Angel character at book signings and special Christmas events.

Bruce is without doubt a one-of-a-kind gifted artist. His extensive talents in the fine arts include: freelance artwork, illustrations, decorative paintings, and various murals. His art work has been selected for display at several art galleries and appeared in Southern Living Magazine and the Birmingham magazine. Bruce also has an avid passion for music. His performance experience has been with various choirs, rock bands and blues bands for thirty plus years. He is currently a singer/songwriter for a traveling blues band called, “2blu and the Lucky Stiffs”. They have competed in numerous International Blues challenges with much success. Amongst his skills in performance arts, he is blessed with the gift of teaching. He is very successful and often rewarded as the art and music teacher at the Juvenile Detention Center for troubled youth.

Bruce attended the University of Alabama in Birmingham as an art major. However, instead of finishing college, he chose to follow his heart and marry his one true love, Joy. They have been married for thirty-one wonderful years. They have two lovely daughters and two precious grandsons. His interest in children’s book illustrations derived early on in his childhood, when his mother read books to him every night. Books like Stuart Little captured his eye and pictures from Bible stories made a visual imprint on him. This resulted in him desiring to read to his children and now to his grandkids. He is pleased to have created such vibrant and colorful illustrations for this book, The Christmas Angel. He hopes that his art work will come to life, as you read this beautiful story of the true meaning of Christmas to your children.

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