FALL in Love with Jesus!

fallinlove1.  Football.

2.  Cooler weather.

3.  Cute boots!

4.  Tailgates.

5.  The leaves changing.

6.  Soups and chili.

7.  The holidays right around the corner.

8.  More walks with the family outdoors!

9.  Did I say football?

10.  And oh yeah, Jesus.

For the record – I do not like football.  I often say Pinterest was created simply for the women who don’t like football to have something to do while their husbands are engrossed with the television!  I know, I know. How can I be from Alabama and not like football.  The state HAS won the last 4 National Championships???  Yep, believe it or not, I could care less. BUT hey, I know the joy of fall in our area not only consists of football but of the other great things I listed above.

Fall is becoming one of my favorite seasons.  Perfect weather, the beauty of nature and of course, a cute boot here and there.  As I put some thought in what my world consisted of during these few months, it hit me that I/we put so much importance on the list above that #10 **last but not least** is  Jesus.  As we live in our “world”, we can become so consumed with the “things” of this world that we lose sight on Jesus, including myself.  Why do we do that?  Fall = football, Fall = school and back to school shopping, Fall = Thanksgiving with some yummy turkey and then Christmas which = presents, presents and more presents!

I invite you all to FALL in love with Jesus during this beautiful season!  Let’s begin to focus on using the “things” of this season as a way to minister to others to tell them about the love of Jesus.  Our pastor said last Sunday, “If you are going to go tailgating then why not use that opportunity to talk to others about Christ during that outing?” Why not?

Luke 10:27a says: “Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength and with all your mind”.

As our passion grows for the Lord and He begins to change our hearts, number 1-9 will just be gravy because of the joy, love and peace we have because of Him.  The last part of that verse in Luke is “love your neighbor as yourself”.  As we love Christ, our love for others will become apparent in our daily activities. How is that?  Check out a few examples to help spur all of us this wonderful FALL season!

1.  Fall in love with Jesus – read his word daily and try talking to him more. You WILL be blessed.

2.  Football – invite someone over that you’ve been meaning to get to know either from church or your child’s team.

3.  Cooler weather – Spend more time outside with your kiddos.  Talk with them.        Love on them.

4.  Cute boots! – Think of others who may be in need of warmer clothes.  Purchase and take to your local homeless shelter.

5.  Tailgates – Just flat out witness to someone you do not know. As the ole Nike saying goes, “Just Do It”.

6.  The leaves changing – Rake your neighbors yard or run over to grandparent’s house and rake their yard.

7.  Soups and chili – Make a pot for your local fire station.

8.  The holidays right around the corner – Pray for your heart and mind to be focused on the things above instead of the stress of the holidays.

9.  More walks with the family outdoors – This might enable you to get to know your neighbors more.

10.  Did I say football? – vomit….. :-)

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Who’s it ALL about?

The Christmas trees, decorations, holiday meals, the shopping and the family and friend get togethers!

Sometimes during Christmas we have so much to do that we get caught up in the “WHAT” is Christmas about instead of the “WHO” Christmas is about. Now don’t get me wrong, this isn’t to make you feel guilty for having the list above. I am sitting in a home typing to you with 4 Christmas trees, an out of control Christmas village, a gingerbread house half way finished sitting on my kitchen countertops and I’m about to get dressed for our first family Christmas gathering of the season. So I get it, I am slap dab in the middle of the Christmas spirit and the “what” of Christmas! There is nothing wrong with all that as long as our perspective of the “who” stays in focus.

Christmas is about the birth of our sweet Lord, period. If you don’t have the money to put up decorations, that’s ok cause it was never about the tree, but about Jesus. If times are hard and gift giving is scarce, that’s ok cause it isn’t about the presents but about Jesus.
This is how the angel came to be at our home. We saw the focus in our lives and well as our culture get so focused on the “what” instead of the “who” of Christmas. And guess what? Christmas isn’t about the angel. Now what other business owner would tell you that? But its not. She is merely a doll. She isn’t alive nor does she have special powers. The angel is simply a reminder of where our heart should be focused during Christmas because of the perfect gift we have been giving therefore we should open up our hearts and FOCUS on giving because of the “who” not the “what”.
So take a load off! Breathe! Focus on the most perfect gift that we have all been given and all that other stressful stuff will start looking FUN!


Glitter?! Really?! Glitter?!

Ok ok! Here’s a little background on why we chose glitter. I can tell you for a fact that my friends and family are not shocked at all by this detail with The Christmas Angel. I am the type of person that can only make a mess. I don’t know what the words neat and organized mean. When I cook, I get more on the counter and stove than I do the pot. When I paint, I get me more on me than the wall. When I decorate….wow! You should see how I just lay everything out on the floor to look at it until I figure out where it is to go. You get my drift? I am not a neat, tidy, clean person so when people say, “Glitter! Really glitter!” My response is, “Huh? What’s wrong with glitter…….?” Then it came to me. I have a friend that makes her kids play with playdoh in a zip bloc bag! And another that will not allow their children in the kitchen to cook! And then it donned on me…..OHHHHH glitterrrrr. Now. I. get. it!

Well, I’m kind of sorry for the glitter…. but not really….. Let me explain. Children are visual creatures….well, actually we all are. The cool thing is their little imaginations are HUGE! When we were thinking how the angel would leave her message we thought of glitter, gold glitter. The streets of heaven are paved with gold so as she flies to and from, that silly gold just comes right along with it leaving a trail of messages behind her! Ok, so you get the reason it’s gold but you still don’t understand why glitter. Well duh…..because it sparkles and it’s cool!

By the way, I love all the ideas that have been blogged about of “optional” non-glitter ways to leave a message. The main thing is that the child receives a message, however it may be. The glitter will not have an eternal impact on their lives, I know, I know, but hey, it sure doesn’t hurt. What will have an eternal impact on their lives in the time WE invest in our children! Let’s try not to get caught up in the little things, these little guys and gals will be up and grown before we know it!

In our office we have an extra large dry erase board that seems to be as close to Disney World that our children can get. They love to draw and doodle on it, solve math problems, the whole nine yards. My husband, the neat freak in the house – he can’t help it was passed down in the family genes…. goes absolutely crazy when they draw on the board and get ever so close to writing on top of the business plans for the upcoming 3 months! Or mess up his perfectly outlined spreadsheet stating facts and figures! Meanwhile I stated “babe, in 10 years we will look at that same board and wished their little handwriting was still up there, not to mention their warm bodies up in their beds snug as a bug.”

So, don’t sweat the small stuff. Seize the day with whatever works best for you: It could be with glitter, playdoh in a ziploc bag or even a can of pledge and a cloth – whatever it may be just don’t blink and wish you could get it all back. Take these few years to invest, build, grow, teach and love on each and every one of your little guys. That is eternal, who cares if it contains glitter or not. ;-)



From Our House to Yours

Me starting a blog is kind of ironic. I talk in tangents, never complete a sentence and include 3 to 4 topics in one sentence, while the sentences together make no since……..see? Well, I am going to do my best and let you in on our crazy, insane, some-what normal life we lead.

My name is Lisa and living life on life with me is my extremely handsome husband, Patrick who never has one hair out of place. As for my hair…..no comment! We have three of the cutest, most adorable somewhat annoying children that are ALWAYS with us. They just won’t leave. Our house is never, and I mean NEVER quiet. But that is ok. I have learned to bask in the chaos of it all. I am kidding!! My children are my lifeline. They feed my soul. They are perfect in every single way possible!

Out of the love I have for them and my Heavenly father, came The Christmas Angel. If anyone is to ask Patrick and I who came up with the idea we always say God. We are just the people he has entrusted it with. The Christmas Angel is simply a tool that God dropped in our laps to use with our children in teaching them the reason we celebrate Christmas. The birth of Jesus was the start of an amazing gift that we would ALL have a chance to receive. The ultimate gift/sacrifice He has given us spurs us to be His hands and feet. The Christmas Angel helps to teach our little ones to look outside of themselves throughout the Christmas season and see who they can love on, feed, clothe or just flat out show some attention.

I would love to say we have like 3 of the best kids ever because they have been doing the angel for four years….HA! Well, unfortunately folks, that’s the nature of the flesh and is why instilling these truths at a young age is so vital because our selfish nature is always there to take over. I think my favorite thing that has happened this year is my oldest, Riley, had wrapped me a gift (something from her room) and wanted to give it to me. I started bouncing on the bed like a crazy person saying “I love presents! Yay! Yay! I want to open it! Let me open it! And in her 7 year old wisdom she said, “Mom, Christmas isn’t about presents and getting things, it’s about giving and thinking of others!” Thank you Riley for the accountability check…..lump in throat, red cheeks from embarrassment.

I hope you find the joy of giving this year as much fun as we have the last few years and add memories to your holidays that will truly LAST A LIFETIME! One of the most exciting things that Patrick and I discuss is how there is one thing that is common for most folks; it is the question, “What are some traditions you did as a family during Christmas?” We are excited to see what God has in store for this generation to come when their hearts and minds are focused on above and those around them. Their answers will look something like this: we gave candy canes to our neighbors, baked cookies for our mailman, gave blankets to the homeless and went to the senior center to sing carols!

Now that’s a family tradition worth talking about.